on_error issue with AnyEvent::DBI

Marc Lehmann schmorp at schmorp.de
Sat Feb 1 22:44:50 CET 2020

[also cc:'ed to the list, which hopefulyl is fine with you]

On Sat, Feb 01, 2020 at 10:28:16PM +0100, Winfried Neessen <wn at neessen.net> wrote:
> I remember line 41 of DBI/Slave.pm was dying but now that it is also working fine for me, it seems that the error was in my code for some reason. 

Well, the most obvious epxlanation, then, would be that you die'd in your
callback, which is not caught by AnyEvent::DBI and would cause the symptoms
you experienced.

> Thanks for looking into it though and sorry for the false alert. 

As a general rule, if somebody did some minimum effort (which you clearly
did) I certainly don't mind "false alerts" and would encourage anybody to
report issues to the list even if there is a chance of it being a user
error - often, the documentation can be improved that way (and in fact,
I amended the on_error documentation to mention that it doesn't cover
user-supplied callbacks).

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