on_error issue with AnyEvent::DBI

Marc Lehmann schmorp at schmorp.de
Sat Feb 1 21:55:58 CET 2020

On Sat, Feb 01, 2020 at 08:50:18PM +0100, Winfried Neessen <wn at neessen.net> wrote:
> I am currently trying to implement AnyEvent::DBI into the code I am writing. While intentionally providing wrong


> connection data to my PgSQL database, to test the on_error behaviour I ran into an issue. The provided on_error
> callback is not executed, as the _error method in AnyEvent/DBI.pm dies before the actual call of the self provided
> callback is issues. I narrowed the issue down to line 349 of DBI.pm:
> 346       # for fatal errors call all enqueued callbacks with error
> 347       while (my $req = shift @{$self->{queue}}) {
> 348          local $@ = $error;
> 349          $req->[0]->($self);
> 350       }
> Once the $req->[0]->($self); is executed, the "die" of the DBI->connect() will be executed and the script will not

Which die, the die from this line:

   $DBH = DBI->connect ($dbi, $user, $pass, \%attr) or die $DBI::errstr;

I am not sure I can follow you, for example, you say the _error method
dies, but how do you know this and what message does it die with (this
information is crucial) - do you have a test case that shows the problem

I made a trivial testcase myself:

   use AE;
   use AnyEvent::DBI;

   my $dbh = new AnyEvent::DBI "DBI:error:ex", "", "",
             	on_error => sub {
                   warn "hiya<@_><$@>\n";#d#


And this results in:

   hiya<AnyEvent::DBI=HASH(0x55555598c4a8) ./tst2 10 1><install_driver(error) failed: C...

So on_error for connect works for me.

> Any idea why this is happening? I really need to my own on_error, as I don't want my AnyEvent loop to
> die just because the DB might not be available or the connection string might be not correct.

Well, it seems to work fine for me, but I don't understand your
explanation at all - if I had to guess, I would say most likely the
problem is somewhere in code you haven't shown me, such as in some request
callback that dies (i.e. a die in your code which you wouid have to catch
and handle yourself).

The easiest way to proceed would be to create a small testcase that shows
the problem.


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