EV on AIX?

Darin McBride darin.mcbride at shaw.ca
Sat Apr 28 15:58:35 CEST 2012

On Saturday April 28 2012 2:24:45 PM Marc Lehmann wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 26, 2012 at 12:28:07PM -0600, Darin McBride 
<darin.mcbride at shaw.ca> wrote:
> > On Saturday March 24 2012 8:34:15 PM Marc Lehmann wrote:
> > > So, I guess I'll go with a full sync. You only pay once per loop
> > > iteration or so.
> > 
> > What timeline are you thinking about releasing this fix for AIX? :-)
> Hmm, I am not aware of any fix needed for aix at the moment, and I don't
> really get anything out of the quote either, which fix do you mean? You
> mean xlC thread support?

I mean the one that is in your cvs for libev with the entry in the Changes 

      - (ecb) add memory fence support for xlC (Darin McBride).

> > I'm doing some AIX testing, and just was trying to compile in various
> > modules I'm interested in, and thought I'd try EV again, but it's still
> > the old error.
> Looking at the old thread, there are lots of feasible workarounds
> without having to patch anything, so I am not sure why you want to patch
> something.

You mean using -DECB_NO_SMP or -DEV_NO_THREADS?  That would seem unfortunate, 
especially considering there is a fix in your cvs that just simply hasn't been 
released with the EV module yet.  (Or with libev, either, from the looks of 
your Changes file.)

> > Should I ever have to run this by legal (which will hopefully be later
> > this
> > year), they would MUCH rather I use an official release than a patched
> > one.  The headaches that is the corporate legal process :-S
> Well, the soltuion for not wanting to patch would be to not patch. Also,
> your problem with your legal department seems to be a problem with your
> legal department, and the solution would be to solve that problem - a
> release of libev will not fix any legal or procedural issues.

Sure it will.  Our legal department gets squeamish over using open source that 
isn't considered a "released" version.  If I take EV 4.11 and then patch in 
this change to libev, that's not the released version, and they get squeamish.  
If there's a fix for lawyers, I'm not aware of which cvs or git project it's in 
:-(  Simply using an official release makes them tons happier.  Still not happy, 
but this is all relative.  They don't like us patching code for shipment 
because they think that opens us up to something legal.  I'm not a lawyer, I 
don't pretend to understand what legal risk they're referring to.  But I still 
need their blessing to ship open-source code.

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