EV on AIX?

Darin McBride darin.mcbride at shaw.ca
Thu Apr 26 20:28:07 CEST 2012

On Saturday March 24 2012 8:34:15 PM Marc Lehmann wrote:
> So, I guess I'll go with a full sync. You only pay once per loop
> iteration or so.

What timeline are you thinking about releasing this fix for AIX? :-)

I'm doing some AIX testing, and just was trying to compile in various modules 
I'm interested in, and thought I'd try EV again, but it's still the old error.

Should I ever have to run this by legal (which will hopefully be later this 
year), they would MUCH rather I use an official release than a patched one.  The 
headaches that is the corporate legal process :-S


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