multi-line URL support

Frederik Eaton frederik at
Wed Sep 30 23:29:24 CEST 2015

Hi Emanuele,

> is there any specific reason why you prefer url-select over matcher? The
> current version of matcher should be on par with url-select, and is more
> versatile as you say.

Yeah, no reason, other than that I found url-select first, I think it
was on the web, perhaps on some tutorial. Perhaps url-select should be

> >
> > 
> > I imagine this would work for 'matcher' as well, and would be simpler
> > than your version with the custom 'enlarge'. I'm not sure if they do
> > the same thing, however.
> This hack looks resonably clean so I would be fine with adding it to
> matcher provided that it is optional and off by default.

That would be great. I would be fine with having someone add it to
matcher. I don't know how to implement "off by default" (any
particular reason why?) and I'm not sure what kind of coding style you
use, e.g. to delimit a copy-and-pasted block as I use in my patch. So
I'm imagining it would be faster for you to just implement it to your
satisfaction, perhaps a 20-minute project.

Note that the user cannot visually tell the difference between a
wrapped line and a line which just happens to end at the right hand
side of the screen (followed by a line which starts at the left), so
it would seem somewhat natural for matcher to treat these two cases in
the same way by default. *shrug*



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