Aw: RE: Server Auslastung

Winston Smith smith_winston_6079 at
Wed Jun 14 04:01:16 CEST 2006


again: mirroring all the stuff is a great idea.

Maybe the admin and members of this mailing list
can make up a scheme, what to mirror where.
Then, the admin could post hotlinks to the ftp servers




is also a good idea. But again, there should be a scheme.

Maybe the first step is that everybody on this list posts what he/she
has downloaded so far and whether he/she has the possibilities to
mirror gigabytes of data.

I myself downloaded only a few series (Arjuna, DNA^2, Megami Kohousei),
but this was a pain since I had to go through firewalls and routers that
disconnect after some minutes without anser. For some reasons, the
connection from here (Australia) is not set as keep-alive. When I ssh to
a box in Germany, it is for some reason. Also, my provider doesn't like
me to cause such a lot of traffic, so I can download only small pieces
everyday (mp3s currently).

Winston Smith

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