rxvt-unicode 9.31 released

Marc Lehmann schmorp at schmorp.de
Mon Jan 2 23:56:24 CET 2023

We're happy to announce version 9.31 of rxvt-unicode. It can be found at
its usual place:


This release is mainly and primarily a security/bugfix release.

The biggest issue is resolving CVE-2022-4170, which allows command
execution inside urxvt from within the terminal (that means anything that
can output text in the terminal can start commands in the context of the
urxvt process, even remotely).

This bug is present in 9.30, but should not be exploitable. It is
exploitable in 9.26 and 9.25. Upgrading is advised in any case, although
chances are good you already got a patched version via your a distro
security update.

Otherwise, this release contains mostly minor bugfixes.

Complete Changes:

9.31 Mon 02 Jan 2023 18:13:16 CET
        - implement a fix for CVE-2022-4170 (reported and analyzed by David Leadbeater).
          While present in version 9.30, it should not be exploitable. It is exploitable
          in versions 9.25 and 9.26, at least, and allows anybody controlling output to
          the terminal to execute arbitrary code in the urxvt process.
        - the background extension no longer requires off focus fading support
          to be compiled in.
        - the confirm-paste extension now offers a choice between pasting the original
          or a sanitized version, and also frees up memory used to store the paste text
        - fix compiling without frills.
        - fix rewrapMode: never.
        - fix regression that caused urxvt to no longer emit responses
          to OSC color queries other than OSC 4 ones.
        - fix regression that caused urxvt to no longer process OSC 705.
        - restore CENTURY to be 1900 to "improve" year parsing in urclock (or at
          least go back to the old interpretation) (based on an analysis
          by Tommy Pettersson).
        - exec_async (used e.g. by the matcher extension to spawn processes) now
          sets the URXVT_EXT_WINDOWID variable to the window id of the terminal.
        - implement -fps option/refreshRate resource to change the default 60 Hz
          maximum refresh limiter. I always wanted an fps option, but had to
          wait for a user requesting it.
        - new clickthrough extension.
        - perl now also requires Xext.
        - X region and shape extension functionality has been exposed to perl
        - RENDER extension no longer depends on ENABLE_XIM_ONTHESPOT.

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