URxvt bug: broken terminal after setting terminal size too large

ambrus ambrus at math.bme.hu
Wed May 31 09:28:44 CEST 2017

On 2017-05-30 23:26, Rastislav Barlik wrote:
> As you have suggested, it's actually a bug in the Intel GPU drivers.

Funnily, the main reason why I started using urxvt instead of xterm long 
ago was an xterm graphical glitches bug that appeared when the terminal 
was large.  It didn't even need a very large terminal, it was enough to 
use an almost full screen sized window with a 10x20 pixel font (I don't 
remember what my screen resolution was, but definitely between 500 and 
2000 pixels).  I don't know if the graphical glitches were caused by a 
buggy graphics driver or a bug in xterm itself, but I never got glitches 
like that with urxvt.  (After that, I have found that urxvt had many 
other advantages over xterm.)

-- Ambrus

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