A terminal for Lilbug

Patrick Serru patrick at serru.net
Mon Sep 16 13:52:16 CEST 2013

      Hi all,

      I am building a software working that way:
The user starts the emulation software named "Lilbug" for exemple, from a 
console. Once launched, the software (that is to say the emulator's monitor) 
accepts commands:
- Inspection and modification of memory
- The execution step-by-step
- Launching the execution (Lilbug, Flex2)
- Loading a binary
- Etc ...
The user directs the loading of a target "monitor" (Lilbug). The loading of 
the Lilbug monitor opens a independent terminal (urxvt) connected to the only 
input and output of Lilbug routine, like a physical terminal connected to a 
serial port.

       I did not find the way to do that. rxvt-unicode-9.18/src/rxvtc.C speaks 
a lot, but not sufficiently (or I am too blind or too old, or both). Of 
course, I guess that it send the parameters of the users, in which there is 
the "-e blabla" Further more: I dont know well C++!

       I can not open a terminal! Could someone help me. It existes certainly 
a piece of code in C somewhere! Is it important to say that I run Open Suse 
12.2 ?

      Thank you for the attention you paid for this email,
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