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James Cloos cloos at
Sat Aug 24 18:17:47 CEST 2013

Recently I've noticed that double clicking selects tab characters before
the intended word.

urxvt(1) says:

,----[ excerpt from urxvt(1) ]
| cutchars: string
|     The characters used as delimiters for double-click word
|     selection (whitespace delimiting is added automatically
|     if resource is given).
|     When the perl selection extension is in use (the default
|     if compiled in, see the urxvtperl(3) manpage), a
|     suitable regex using these characters will be created
|     (if the resource exists, otherwise, no regex will be
|     created). In this mode, characters outside ISO-8859-1
|     can be used.

but '\t' is not included anymore in that added whitespace.

A quick check confirms that \E[:space:] works as expected in a perl one
liner such as:

  :; perl -pe 's/\G[\Q`"&()*;<=>?@[]^{|}\\\E[:space:]]*([^\Q`"&()*;<=>?@[]^{|}\\\E[:space:]]+)/\1/'

which uses most of my cutchars.

So this seems to be an urxvt issue and not a Perl issue.

The relevant configs (last edited months or maybe years ago) are:

,----[ excerpt from ~/.Xdefaults ]
| URxvt*perl-ext:
| URxvt*perl-ext-common: default
| URxvt*cutchars: `"'&()*;<=>?@[]^{|}\\

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