TrueColor (24 bits) support

Антон Кочков anton.kochkov at
Thu Jul 18 11:04:26 CEST 2013

First of all, ncurses have no support for 16M colors palette. Then,
hardcoding ansi codes is not really a crappy way - see vim sources as
an example.
Best regards,
Anton Kochkov.

On Thu, Jul 18, 2013 at 12:51 PM, Marc Lehmann <schmorp at> wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 18, 2013 at 12:38:30PM +0400, Антон Кочков <anton.kochkov at> wrote:
>> Hm. From the :
>> > I've been doing some ansi tests and found that only xterm (not urxvt, vte, iterm2,cmd.exe) supports truecolor ansi escape codes.
>> > It is documented in wikipedia, but afaik, only radare2 uses it (when enabled).
>> > Do you think that it should be implemented in st or we should stand supporting the most common scenarios?
>> > True RGB (24bit color) is constructed like this:
>> > \x1b[38;5;R;G;Bm
>> > Where 38 is fg (48 is bg)
>> > And RGB are decimal (1-3chars) from 0-255
>> Best regards,
>> Anton Kochkov.
> The correct code to use is given by "ccc", "initc" or "initp" in
> terminfo. While AFAIK the code is the same in xterm and urxvt, hardcoding
> terminal-specific codes is just fail on side of the program - the correct
> way is to use terminfo, e.g. via ncurses (which simplifies things
> considerably over raw terminfo). That way it works on every terminal that
> supports colour. not just xterm and urxvt.
> Note that the so-called "true colour ansi escape code" has nothing to do
> with true colour nor ansi. Hardcoding such extensions when a portable
> mechanism exists is just sloppy coding.
> Or in other words, if one writes a program specifically so that it only
> works on a specific terminal, then it will only work on that specific
> terminal - it will not even work on another terminal with exactly the same
> support, because the terminal name will be different.
> There is nothing that urxvt can do about such badly written programs. It's
> certainly not difficult to use ncurses to do it properly, without
> hardcoding specific terminals, and it's certainly not any lack of
> truecolour support in other terminals that keeps it form working, it's
> just low quality coding in that application.
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