TrueColor (24 bits) support

Marc Lehmann schmorp at
Thu Jul 18 07:22:22 CEST 2013

On Wed, Jul 17, 2013 at 09:26:24PM +0400, Антон Кочков <anton.kochkov at> wrote:
> Forgot to mention, that there are few requests for that too:

Hmm, from that, it seems there is confusion between true colour support
(which basically all colour X terminals have) and supporting more than,
say, 16 colours at the same time. The person who asked that question
clearly has no clue what he is asking for.

At this level, I think it would be best to sit down and learn how the
colour system in terminals actually works. After that, one could analyse
what potential uses this feature could have.

Before understanding how true colour works it makes little sense to ask
for changes.

Specifically, one would need a use case for more than 256 colours that
would outweigh the considerable extra resource usage for that feature.

While I don't doubt that an extremely low number of people might be
able to distinguish more than 256 text or background colours sensibly,
and while there might be fun applications such as automated ascii art
conversion, this feature wouldn't have much practical use.

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