urxvtperl: paste a part of the previous line

Raph gibboris at gmail.com
Thu Dec 29 16:58:06 CET 2011

I post this in case it gives some ideas about possible enhancements in
the terminal daily use.

One thing I do quite often and which implies mouse movements is cutting &
pasting a selection. I feel bad when it happens within the same terminal.

The most common case is when I want to use the part of the output of a
previous command (like a search), eg:
$ `find|locate|grep` <something>
$ `edit|view` <the pathname of the last match>.

The attached (very simple) extension and something like the following:
> urxvtterm.keysym.M-S-V:      	   perl:yank-return:true
should be a good start so one can do:
$ grep yank ~/.urxvt/*
~/.urxvt/yank-return:    if ($cmd eq "yank-return:true") {
$ nano <Alt-Shift-V><Enter>
# to edit the above file

There are some missing bits (like regexp configuration) but most of all
one big gotcha: inability to know what the previous command was (that's
shell/readline stuff) => impossibility to react according to this or to
detect consistently if the previous line was empty, was the prompt, ...

I believe that this kind of key-bindings belongs to the shell itself
rather than readline or urxvt, but the above extension works
sufficiently for me.

long life urxvtperl

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#! perl

sub on_user_command {
    my ($self, $cmd) = @_;

    if ($cmd eq "yank-return:true") {
	my ($row, $col) = $self->screen_cur;
	my $line = $self->ROW_t ($row - 1);

	if ($line =~ /:/) {
	    $line =~ s/^([^:[:space:]]+):.*$/$1/;

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