How can I disable the ISO14755 shift-ctrl hotkey?

Thomas Adam thomas.adam22 at
Mon Mar 2 21:08:11 CET 2009

2009/3/2 Gregor Zattler <telegraph at>:
> Hi rxvt-unicode users,
> * Gregor Zattler <telegraph at> [25. Aug. 2007]:
>> * Yin Wang <shredderyin at> [22. Apr. 2006]:
>>> I'm using Emacs inside rxvt-unicode. Often I use something like a
>>> Control+Shift combination. For example C-@ (set-mark-command) is
>>> actually Control+Shift+2 on my keyboard. Because urxvt captured
>>> Control+Shift, this key stops to function in my Emacs. If I press this
>>> key, the small window "ISO 14755 mode" appears, which is very
>>> annoying. I can't disable this window even using --disable-iso14755 in
>>> configure.
>> [...]
>>> Is there a way to turn this feature off completely?
>> Last year Ilya Voyager Schurov sugggested to hack the source
>> code.  Isn't there any other way of disabeling the whole feature?
>> I start urxvt with ++iso14755_52 but this only stops the "Keycap
>> picture insert mode" window but not the "ISO 14755 mode" window.
>> Any ideas other than hacking the code -- which I'm not able to
>> do?
> Any idea on this problem?  I now use emacs org mode which heavily
> relies on ctrl-shift key combos.

./configure --disable-iso14755

... works for me.

-- Thomas Adam

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