transparency & tabs working together; tabs key shortcut

Petr Vorel pevik at
Wed Jun 11 13:07:27 CEST 2008

Hi there,
I've got two questions about tabs and transparency (I didn't find them in FAQ):
I can use tabs:
   urxvt -pe tabbed
I can use transparency:
   urxvt -tr
But why I can't use it together?
   urxvt -tr -pe tabbed
- this option works like "urxvt -pe tabbed" (no transparency, just tabs)
2) Are there any key shotcuts for creating new tab and moving between them (something like tab features for vim 7 would be great).
>From this I suppose that nothing have been coded in official release yet.
Thanks for reply.

PS: sorry for previous post to thread can not load XFT font

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