strange font background coloring

James Cloos cloos+rxvt-unicode at
Tue Jul 4 07:33:16 CEST 2006

>>>>> "Tim" == Tim Harder <thorium90 at> writes:

Tim> Ever since I updated to version 7.7 I have had some strange background
Tim> coloring issues ...

Tim> Has this problem been seen before?

I saw similar issues on one occasion when I had started X in 16bit
rather than 24bit mode.  I had presumed that it were an Xft issue
rather than an rxvt-unicode issue, and so hadn't reported it.

(I didn't know that it was not evident on older versions, and had
only tried 16 bit to compare the glxgears results....)

Do you use 16 bit?  Does it go away when you try 24bit?

P.S.  rxvt-unicode is the best term I've tried so far.
      And I'm not aware of any I haven't tried.

James Cloos <cloos at>

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