Iteration over registered handlers

Rick van Rein rick at
Tue Dec 1 09:16:14 CET 2020


>> For cleanup purposes, I'd like to iterate over registered event handlers
>> after I've broken out of a loop.  I cannot find a macro or function, is
>> that not part of the API?
> It's not part of the API because it would require libev to add overhead to
> track watchers.

OK, that makes sense to me.

> If you need this functionality, you can add it easily on top of libev.

As long as I'm not duplicating work already done, that's fair.

> Doing it yourself also ensures that you are only doing it to your own
> watchers, and not watchers by others (e.g. libev internal ones). Even if
> you could iterate over all watchers in libev, how would you decide which
> watchers are your own without outside knowledge?

Good point.  And one I wasn't aware of.


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