libev/libuv interoperation with ev_async

Mons Anderson mons at
Mon Nov 30 19:29:48 CET 2020


I have an app that is built on top of libev.
It has worker threads that communicate with the main thread using ev_async.

For now I need to integrate a library that is built on top of libuv
(for ex: h2o).
I've found that all I need to integrate them is to have access to
evpipe (to put a watcher on it from another event loop), but libev
interface doesn't provide any way to access it.

Could you please help me to find the correct way of such an integration?
Or maybe extend ev.h with something like ev_pipe_fds(loop, &fds)

Best wishes,
Mons Anderson
<inthrax at>, <mons at>

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