Critical sections with ev++.h

Michele Santullo m.santullo at
Fri Jul 17 17:10:32 CEST 2020

Hi, I'm trying to write a simple program in C++ that will get timer 
notifications in separate threads and just print something to stdout when they 
occur. It's mostly working but I get occasionas crashes, which makes me think 
it might be a concurrency issue.
In the past I already used libev, although using the C API directly, and going 
through my old code I see here
incredis/src/branch/master/src/async_connection.cpp#L122 that I was calling 
ev_set_loop_release_cb(). If memory serves me right that was needed precisely 
to solve some weird crash that I was getting, but in the C++ API I can't find 
anything similar. Is it done is some other way in C++?

Also, small side question, is there an IRC channel for questions and 
discussions about libev?

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