About "./configure" Checking the build environment

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Yes, it is always different from other platforms (want to highlight its particularity)

At least I have never had such an annoyance when writing code on the OSX platform.

I recently tried to install libev painlessly on Win32 to run my poor Lua Web Web framework on it.

However, Win32 requires embedded compilation to take effect. Can I get better libev build suggestions here?

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On Wed, Jun 26, 2019 at 03:43:33AM +0800, CandyMI <869646063 at qq.com> wrote:
> I checked and found that the "./configure" file was taken from the package file of libev-4.25.tar.gz.

Good to hear :)

> By the way, I saw the macro definition of IOCP in "ev.c". Does it mean that libev will have a plan supported by the Windows platform?

libev has pretty much always (at least since 2007) supported windows using
its select backend.

the reference to iocp is a reference to windows i/o control ports, for
which I tried to make a more performant interface, but it turned out that
iocps (at least at the time) only supported very few handle types, many
tcp socket types not among them, so it would be even less useful than
select which at least seems to support all socket types, and the code was

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