question on using INADDR_LOOPBACK in ev_pipe

Marc Lehmann schmorp at
Fri Nov 30 19:53:52 CET 2018

On Thu, Nov 29, 2018 at 02:57:29PM -0800, Tim Na <timna2 at> wrote:
> Sorry about that silly mistake (or threats) - I just learned not to use
> company's email system for such request now.  Sincere apologies for such
> annoyance to you and libev community.
> However, I question still stands and I am looking at libuv as alternative
> choice as it seems to have no such limitation as libevent or libev.

There is no limitation in libevent or libev, what you describe is a bug or
misconfiguration of other components on your system (basically, you are
saying that using TCP/IP is a limitation in libev, this is silly). If you
disable your broken virus scanner of whatever causes the problems things
start to work (this also affects firefox and many other programs which
are forced to poll if they can't get a local socket to work, i.e. they
might superficially work, but only because they run a 100Hz timer in the
background and poll for events).

Another option would be to switch to an OS such as GNU/Linux, which
doesn't have the limitations of the windows platform (you haven't
mentioned what platform you are using, but it sure sounds like windows) -
both in terms of broken virus scanners/firewalls breaking the TCP/IP stack
and in lacking efficient local sockets.

You could also try libuv, although my personal totally unbiased opinion is
that libuv suffers from many design bugs that more mature libraries such
as libev (or libevent) do not suffer from because libuv was designed by
people unknowledgable in event systems and therefore were bound to repeat
many mistakes of earlier ad-hoc event libraries.

Of course, if you don't care about correctness and just want to make
things superficially working, then you could call it a limitation in
libevent/libev and use libuv, if that works for you (and unknowingly
suffer later because you run into design issues you wouldn't notice with
better event libraries).

A real reason to switch to libuv is performance - libev doesn't do I/O for
you, and this tends to make it slow on windows, which doesn't support I/O
readyness notifications efficiently. libuv _does_ do I/O for you and might
be more performant if all you can use is windows. OTOH, if all you can use
is windows, you clearly don't care about performance much, so why bother

Using libuv in this way will also require to rewrite any existing
event-based code to be I/O-based instead which might or might not be an

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