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Marc Lehmann schmorp at schmorp.de
Wed Sep 5 01:08:25 CEST 2018

On Tue, Sep 04, 2018 at 07:54:37PM +0200, Carlo Wood <carlo at alinoe.com> wrote:
> He probably meant meant git (although then using github.com is a
> logical choice).

Well, he seems to have meant github, after all.

> One of the reasons that switching to git makes sense is that
> CVS is simply outdated.

You mean outdated as in, say, bicycles and desktop PCs are outdated? That
doesn't seem to be a compelling reason to change...

> of technical differences that boil down to the fact that git
> allows easy cooperation between (many) developers.

Git also makes cooperation between few developers harder, especially in
a tightly-knit team, which is the case for almost all the projects I am
working on.

> The workflow is well fleshed out and supported.

The last few times I tried to adopt git I kept running into "functionality
not yet implemented" messages or similar problems - git is far from beiong
as stable or fleshed out as CVS. Maybe it's better supported, though, but
then, I didn't need much of support for CVS in recent years.

Git surely has more (and different) features, none of which are compelling
or useful enough for us to outweigh the downsides so far.

> CVS still does the job, but it is for example way harder to
> work on a project with more than one maintainer;

I think this is simply untrue, by personal experience.

> Even if you think "I don't WANT other people to mess with
> my project; I want to be in full control as the only God-developer"

Don't be silly, if I wanted that I wouldn't give my projects such liberal
licenses in the first place.

> then still that is not really reason to fear git: it will STILL

Are you fearing git? I know nobody else who talks about fear w.r.t. git.

> be easier for you to maintain libev and review patch proposals,

Well, it won't, as I already know, which makes your assertion a bit

> and you can still reject everything. At most the chance that
> someone forks you, write a few awesome improves that you refuse
> to merge and people start using their close instead of yours,
> is slightly larger;

Interesting, why would that be so? Honestly, some of your statements sound
as if you made them up on the spot, without any backing evidence.

> because through github it is easier to find people who cloned projects

Some people (that includes me) find it unethical to force others to use
non-free software, even if, in some rare cases, it might make my life
easier (although overall, tghe opposite has been the case for me). That's
why github would be about the worst choice.

Also, personal experience with other such hosting services in the past has
shown that I can provide a more stable and longer lasting hosting service
than those, and, more importantly, a hosting service that I can control
and fix.

Keep in mind that I am around providing and hosting software for far
longer than github, sourceforge, gitlab and so on.

I would encourage people to make mirrors, of course, as it is unlikely
that I can provide this forever (I don't know what happens when I die, for
example), but from what I can see, github or similar services are more
likely to go down than me, so mirrors would do some good, moving to github
almost certainly wouldn't.

> mother project didn't accept their pull requests. That would maybe
> be bad for you, but it certainly isn't bad for the community ;)

Not sure if it were bad for me (why?), but I am not sure why you think it
is a good thing for me to adopt something that you claim is bad for me?

> A little bit of competition is healthy (ie, in the above scenario
> you'd probably decide to take the time to look at those awesome
> new improvements and merge them into your repository, instead of
> losing your client base).

I'm not sure at all how git or github would somehow increase "competition"
(between whom?).

In any case, I find your mail be very thin on facts, and rather full of
assertions, many of which I already know to be false.

I think if I wouldn't be informed about git and githib already, your mail
would turn me away as it seems to be more of a religious thing and less
something rooted in facts (again, if I judged only from your mail).

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