libev and libevent

Andy Green andy at
Wed Feb 21 00:03:21 CET 2018

On 21/02/18 02:50, Harald Geyer wrote:
> Andy Green writes:
>> Libuv seems to manage it just fine.
> libuv used to depend on libev, so that's no surprise. It wouldn't do for
> libuv to conflict it's own dependency ...

libuv is also clean against libevent, unlike libev :-)

>> it's not going to change no matter what I say.
> That's probably true: Even if you had a convincing use case for including
> libevent and libev headers in the same source file, Marc can't make it
> happen: This would be forcing an API change on all users of libev. Ie make
> their progamms stop compiling from one version to the next.

If someone had replied with that, I can understand it.  But they reply 
with attacks on the user.

Although we could have discussed the ins and outs of that if this was a 
good-faith discussion and not a sandbagging.  For example OpenSSL has a 
bazillion api versions but it can be managed with OPENSSL_VERSION.  If 
that's not applicable, okay, we could have arrived at that and gone away 
knowing that.

> Maybe you can borrow some ideas or even some code from them.

Maybe you can fix your library headers.  Or maybe not.


> HTH,
> Harald

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