Cannot build packages needing libevent with those needing libev for the same system

J. Hart jfhart085 at
Tue Nov 14 05:21:48 CET 2017

There is a conflict between the programs needing libevent (ex. i3) and 
those needing libev (ex. Qt-5.9.2), which is the latest as far as I 
know.  For example, the I3 window manager requires libev to build it, as 
it uses headers from there (ex "ev.h"). In building Qt-5.9.2, reference 
is made to the following function:

int event_base_loopbreak(struct event_base *);

This function is defined in, and declared for the compiler 
in event2/event.h. Both of these objects are part of the libevent 
package (ex libevent-2.0.22). The /usr/include/event.h header of the 
libevent package conflicts with that of the libev package. The libev 
package does not define the "event_base_loopbreak" function required, in 
this case, by Qt-5.9.2, and the libev package cannot be installed as is 
along with the libevent package. If the libevent/libev header conflict 
is not resolved, then the packages requiring one of these must be 
patched.  This can be rather complicated, particularly for large 
packages like Qt.   This would also have to be redone for each new release.

Thoughts anyone ? Is there a better way ?

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