Detection of librt

Юрий Соколов funny.falcon at
Thu Mar 9 14:06:21 CET 2017

Good day, Marc.

libev.m4 contains following line:

   if test -z "$LIBEV_M4_AVOID_LIBRT" && test -z "$ac_have_clock_syscall";

So it will not check presence of clock_gettime in librt if syscall were
But centos6.x has both syscall and  vdso_clock_gettime, and function
clock_gettime is defined in librt.
So, to detect it this line should look like:

   if test -z "$LIBEV_M4_AVOID_LIBRT" && test ! -z
"$ac_have_clock_syscall"; then

If current line state is intended, then excuse me for noise.

With regards,
Sokolov Yura aka funny_falcon.
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