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Brig Young brig at
Sat Dec 3 04:24:15 CET 2016

Greetings All,

After playing around with my options a bit I decided to use libev for event processing and IPC messaging. I very much like the idea of using libevent through an emulation layer if it turns out that I need it at some point. That is an excellent idea/feature.

However, I needed to use libev in a different build environment. Since these changes would be large I created a github repo from the 4.x tarballs available via ftp to give at least some hindsight on the progress of the codebase. over time.

I do however want to offer an unmodified codebase for anyone else that would like access on github so I generated a release at the 4.23 version after modifying the README to (github style) and adding a notice of unofficiality :-)

Hopefully this can generate additional visibility for this excellent little library.

Thanks to the Authors!!

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