sharing udp socket between several processes

Kirill Timofeev kirill.timofeev at
Tue Dec 29 21:20:43 CET 2015

Hi folks,

I'm trying to have single udp socket opened by the master process and 
read data from it in the worker processes. Please find test source 
attached. I'm using following simple ruby script to generate test traffic:

#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require 'socket'

u =
u.connect("", 1234)
10000.times do |i|
     u.send "this is line #{i}", 0

This works ok with single child:

$ ./a.out 1 1234 >log & ./gen-udp-traffic.rb && sleep 5 && killall a.out 
&& grep -c udp_read_cb: log
[1] 22560
[1]+  Terminated              ./a.out 1 1234 > log

but I see that some incoming packets are lost with 2 childs:

$ ./a.out 2 1234 >log & ./gen-udp-traffic.rb && sleep 5 && killall a.out 
&& grep -c udp_read_cb: log
[1] 23387
[1]+  Terminated              ./a.out 2 1234 > log

I run my tests on the ubuntu 14.04 x64. I use libev installed from the 

ii  libev-dev 1:4.15-3                         amd64        static 
library, header files, and docs for libev

I compile my code using following command:

gcc 024-udp-test.c -lev

I tried to find any hints by googling, but unfortunately couldn't find 
anything relevant.

Please advise what should I do to avoid packet loss.

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