Several questions concerning libeio internals(+)

Chris Brody chris.brody at
Tue Dec 15 20:33:30 CET 2015

Nick, I am sure these changes will be able to help others in the
future. I hope you are willing to publish them as a Gist or something
(along with an explicit license statement) in case they do not make it
into the libeio core.


On Tue, Dec 15, 2015 at 12:22 PM, Nick Zavaritsky <mejedi at> wrote:
> Hi!
> I’ve implemented a support for using libeio from multiple threads for Any interest in this feature?
> eio_init() initializes thread local state; a thread gets a private result queue + callbacks. There is the single global request queue + a set of worker threads. Once a task is complete it moves into the corresponding result queue. Embeding model is essentially the same: eio_poll fetches tasks from the thread’s private result queue, registered callbacks are invoked when the result queue state changes.
> It would be great if you answer several questions about libeio internals.
> (1) What is the purpose of workers list? It is never used besides worker (un)registrations.
> (2) Why does ALLOC macro lock pool->wrklock?
> (3) Several pool attributes seem redundant. For instance, nready is essentially req_queue.size and npending==res_queue.size. They aren’t redundant, are they?
> Regards.
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