Several questions concerning libeio internals(+)

Nick Zavaritsky mejedi at
Tue Dec 15 18:22:45 CET 2015


I’ve implemented a support for using libeio from multiple threads for Any interest in this feature?

eio_init() initializes thread local state; a thread gets a private result queue + callbacks. There is the single global request queue + a set of worker threads. Once a task is complete it moves into the corresponding result queue. Embeding model is essentially the same: eio_poll fetches tasks from the thread’s private result queue, registered callbacks are invoked when the result queue state changes.

It would be great if you answer several questions about libeio internals.

(1) What is the purpose of workers list? It is never used besides worker (un)registrations.

(2) Why does ALLOC macro lock pool->wrklock?

(3) Several pool attributes seem redundant. For instance, nready is essentially req_queue.size and npending==res_queue.size. They aren’t redundant, are they?


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