Bug Report: SIGPIPE during call to ev_async_send

Benjamin Mahler benjamin.mahler at gmail.com
Fri Oct 9 20:55:17 CEST 2015

Hi Marc,

First of all, thanks for the great library, the Mesos project has been
using heavily in production for many years. Recently, we've encountered a
rare issue in which SIGPIPE occurs during a call to ev_async_send.

The environment is CentOS 5 (no eventfd, and epolll backend). The call to
write() against evpipe[1] in evpipe_write triggers a SIGPIPE, indicating
that evpipe[0] is closed.

The bug is rare (on the order of 10 occurrences per day on production
clusters of tens of thousands of servers). We initially suspected that
there was a rogue close in the non-libev code (e.g. double close on an fd)
that was accidentally closing evpipe[0] due to fd reuse.

However, having ruled out bad close calls within our code, I started
digging into libev and noticed what appears to be the bug. Consider the
following situation:

Thread1 (in ev_run): backend_poll -> epoll_poll -> sets postfork = 1
Thread1 (in ev_run): return from backend_poll, but before setting
pipe_write_wanted = 0
Thread2 (in ev_async_send): evpipe_write -> sees pipe_write_wanted = 1 and
enters the if block
Thread1 (in ev_run): comes back to top of the loop and checks postfork,
calls loop_fork and closes evpipe[0] but does not yet call evpipe_init
Thread2 (in ev_async_send): evpipe_write continues and calls write() ->

To test this theory, we inserted usleep calls in the three locations to
increase the likelyhood of the race occurring during our test suite. Here
is a diff against ev.c revision 1.477:

$ diff ev.c ev.c.sleeps
>       usleep(1000);
>       usleep(10000);
>         usleep(10);

If easier, here is a gist in which you can find the injected sleeps by
looking for "usleep":

Once these are injected, our test suite regularly trips the SIGPIPE:

W0100 00:00:00.000000 41361 main.cpp:38] RAW: Received signal SIGPIPE;
escalating to SIGABRT
*** Aborted at 1444415504 (unix time) try "date -d @1444415504" if you are
using GNU date ***
PC: @     0x7fb365a75b6d raise
*** SIGABRT (@0xa191) received by PID 41361 (TID 0x7fb367984780) from PID
41361; stack trace: ***
    @     0x7fb365a75ca0 (unknown)
    @     0x7fb365a75b6d raise
    @           0x4e51d9 handler()
    @     0x7fb365a75ca0 (unknown)
    @     0x7fb365a74a2b __libc_write
    @           0x40ad3b evpipe_write.part.5
    @           0x77ce9d process::run_in_event_loop<>()

This seems to confirm the issue! With eventfd enabled the write will
silently fail rather than trigger SIGPIPE. This also seems problematic, yes?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts Marc!
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