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Mon Jun 29 13:09:30 CEST 2015

Hi all

I'm new to event loops and am wondering about a couple of things...
Maybe somebody will clarify the questions for me. I'm using ev++ for 
implementation, if this is of interest.

I'm implementing a TCP-Socket Server on Linux to which a large number of 
embedded devices is connecting and reporting status every 10-60sec.

The current architecture spawns a thread for the server, accepting 
connections in an own ev::default_loop.
The server there is 2x ev:signal and 1x ev::io(ev::READ) for accepting 

On accepting the client gets it's own thread with an ev::dynamic_loop.
For the client I'm using 2x ev::io (1x ev::READ, 1x ev::WRITE), 1x 
ev::timer, 1x ev::async for stopping.

1. When running an event loop with multiple watchers, per iteration only 
one watcher is called - is this intended or is my implementation wrong?

2. Having the ev::timer running, at some point the ev::io watchers stop 
working. are the watcher excluding each other?

3. Sometimes the latency is extremly high, when accepting connections. I 
can't really find a reason for this. Any hints?

4. Is there any known difference between ev++ and ev I should be caring 

I started with this examples as a base for the implementation:

Thanks for your help and patience in advance!


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