ev_io events doc clarification

Alexander Klauer Alexander.Klauer at itwm.fraunhofer.de
Thu Jan 8 10:45:35 CET 2015


I'd like to suggest the following clarification to the docs:

cvs diff: Diffing .
Index: ev.pod
RCS file: /schmorpforge/libev/ev.pod,v
retrieving revision 1.434
diff -u -r1.434 ev.pod
--- ev.pod	6 May 2014 13:24:39 -0000	1.434
+++ ev.pod	8 Jan 2015 09:34:56 -0000
@@ -1749,7 +1749,9 @@

 =item int events [read-only]

-The events being watched.
+The events being watched. May contain additional (internal) event flags
+besides C<EV_READ> and C<EV_WRITE>, so make sure you use bitmasks when
+you check this member.


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