libeio soname conflicts with Enlightenment's Eio

Marc Lehmann schmorp at
Tue Mar 11 14:48:48 CET 2014

On Tue, Mar 11, 2014 at 02:08:08PM +0100, Jan Kaluža <jkaluza at> wrote:
> I wanted to package libeio for Fedora and found out that the Eio
> library provided by Enlightenment [1] conflicts with your libeio
> library. This library uses the same soname as your libeio and
> therefore it's not possible to package your library for Fedora.

this is well known for almost as long as enlightenments library exists.
since enlightenment created the conflict, i think thats also the place to
resolve it.

> I wanted to ask upstream developers, if they are aware of that and if
> there is some chance to get this fixed somehow (maybe renaming
> libeio?).

sure, renaming enlightenments libeio would work.

I also think its much easier to rename enlightenments version - their
library seems to be essentially an internal library, not used by anything
outside (afaics), while libeio is used mainly by independent packages, so
changing would be a lot more involved.

> I think that it's easier to rename your libeio, becuase Enlightenment is
> more widely used and is already in the most distributions.

I think the "we are more important so we just take your name, go away"
argument opens the door to all sorts of name take overs. libeio has the
much older rights to the name than enlightenment, if anything, and i don't
think rewarding projects that act in this way is the way to go.

Also, the "more widely used" is misleading - if you google for it, libeio
is much more pervasively mentioned than enlightenemnts lib, so I don't
think enlightenemnts libeio is used as widely as libeio, outside of
enlightenment itself. To me, it looks like an internal support library
that is used mainly within a single project.

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