libeio soname conflicts with Enlightenment's Eio

Jan Kaluža jkaluza at
Tue Mar 11 14:08:08 CET 2014


as a package maintainer of some Fedora packages and co-maintainer of 
rubygem-passenger package I have found out that rubygem-passenger needs 
libeio to work.

I wanted to package libeio for Fedora and found out that the Eio library 
provided by Enlightenment [1] conflicts with your libeio library. This 
library uses the same soname as your libeio and therefore it's not 
possible to package your library for Fedora.

I think the same situation will exist with other distributions too.

I wanted to ask upstream developers, if they are aware of that and if 
there is some chance to get this fixed somehow (maybe renaming libeio?). 
I think that it's easier to rename your libeio, becuase Enlightenment is 
more widely used and is already in the most distributions.


Jan Kaluza

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