libev out of context thread

Marc Lehmann schmorp at
Wed Dec 11 09:31:51 CET 2013

On Wed, Dec 11, 2013 at 01:11:02PM +1100, Varun Chandramohan <cvaruneng04 at> wrote:
> Once I have a sd to add to loop can I call
>     ev_io_init(&d_packet->io, connect_ps_cb, d_packet->connect_sd, EV_WRITE|

Funny code formatting in your e-mail.

Anyways, if I understand your mail correctly, you want to add watchers to a
loop running in another thread.

That's fine, as long as you lock the loop (just like your array) with a
mutex or so. See the thread locking example in the manpage. You can use an
async watcher to wake up the loop after you changed it.

Whether overall ti is a good approach I can't tell from your mail, but
adding threads rarely make things better, they do make things much more
complex and error prone usually.

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