Libev Clarification Question

Matthew Kettlewell matt at
Mon Nov 4 03:11:53 CET 2013

I'm evaluating if libev is right for me, and I think it is, but could use
some clarification...

I'm creating a web server framework loosely based on Mongoose, but it's
using a master thread that polls, and hands off the work to worker
threads... I'm wanting to use epolling instead, and build something that
can reach that 10K concurrent connections...

So does libev just replace the polling & master/worker thread portion?  Or
can it handle the socket/listen/bind as well... I'm only going to be using
this on Linux, so not sure if libev is right for me, or if it's better just
to institute some epoll code...

Are there any existing web servers that are using libev as a foundation
that I can peek at?

Thanks for you time.

Matt Kettlewell
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