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Justin Tocci justin at
Mon Jul 8 21:28:18 CEST 2013

I'm having trouble finding answers to my questions.
I'm looking for an example of a call to Postgres' async interface, libpq(PQsendQuery/PQgetResult).

Example Google searches that return no results:
ev_async PQsendQuery
ev_run PQsendQuery
ev_run PQgetResult

Consequently, I'm inclined to conclude that I'm trying to do something I am not supposed to do.  

I have a PSGI app that sits between NGINX and PostgreSQL that I want to replace. I believe PSGI forks on each request. The child accepts a request, decrypts the user's cookie, then uses the cookie info to connect to Postgres as that user. The data comes back, the PSGI app wraps it in a response, sends it back to the user and exits. 

I want to use ev_async and PQsendQuery/PQgetResult to replace this PSGI application. My questions are: 

Is Libev the appropriate tool for this or is there something better? (Why can't I find an example?)

Is ev_async the proper watcher in this case? 

Can someone give me a three sentence explanation on how to go about this? (use x watcher, use idle for y, use a timer for z)

I was looking at adapting STUD (The Scalable TLS Unwrapping Daemon ) for this but the Ringbuffer is everywhere. I think it would be easier to get Libev and Libpq working together and then add SSL (to replace NGINX) after that. 


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