watching for new files: libevent vs. libev

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Fri Apr 5 18:40:22 CEST 2013

On 05.04.2013 06:02, Marc Lehmann wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 04, 2013 at 08:25:24PM -0400, "Mikhail T."<mi+thun at>  wrote:
>> >04.04.2013 16:08, Tony Arcieri ???????(??):
>>> > >If it doesn't work on Linux it's worthless.
>> >It does not... Which, I suppose, makes it only slightly less useless
>> >that libev. Because libev does not even work on BSD.
> And what is this "BSD" thing? libev obviously works quite fine on BSDs, so
> you can't mean that.
I was talking about watching a directory for changes. Using libevent on BSD, I 
can get notified, when a directory is accessed or modified. I can not do the 
same with libev, evidently, which makes it worse (in this particular regard) 
than libevent.
> Sweeping and non-refutable (because they lack substance) statements like
> yours are dangerously close to trolling. It's not appreciated, so back up,
> or shut up.
Well, "trolling" was what Tony engaged in, when he posted the above-quoted line 
-- preceded with the even more obnoxious "cool story". If you tolerated that, 
you shouldn't really be criticizing my manners either.

That said, having encountered developers, who seriously believe, a compiler 
warning is the compiler's own problem -- to be remedied by removing -Werror -- 
nothing else can surprise me this week.

Lastly, it seems, libfam (FAM or Gamin, rather) does exactly what I need -- 
cross platform -- so I will stop bothering you now. Have a good weekend.


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