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Jann Horn jann+libev at
Wed Apr 3 00:59:44 CEST 2013

On Wed, Apr 03, 2013 at 09:54:46AM +1100, Varun Chandramohan wrote:
> Hi Jann,
> Yeah, thanks for picking that up. Yes I will reset the timer. Just a
> question, so at line 78 if I removed if (events & EV_TIMEOUT) { }
> check will it be an issue. I dont see anything else calling this call back
> apart from this event. May be EV_ERROR perhaps?

I think it should be safe... but you might want to wait for schmorp or so to
give a definite answer.

> Also if you have time revert the code I pasted back to original problem as
> stated in my first post and check the result.
> Will you be able to tell me theoretically what was going on? I still not
> aware of what exactly went wrong.

It looked correct to me. I went through the math and everything looked good to
me. Maybe someone else on the list can help?

> Also I have been
> using this manual for development. I could
> not find ev_now_update() so wondering if there is better
> and more update manual with examples to learn from?

At <>, you can see a link to
<>. That's the up-to-date
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