do not discuss pkg-config unless...

Dan White dwhite at
Sat Mar 9 16:58:31 CET 2013

On 03/09/13 11:55 +0100, Marc Lehmann wrote:
>Given the sad state of affirs w.r.t. the pkg-config discussions, please
>refrain from discussing this topic unless:
>- you really have an argument that hasn't been refuted yet.
>- you really show evidence, or an explanation, on why your argument is true.
>- if you think a previously refuted argument isn't really refuted, you
>  need to explain why.
>- you have some basic understanding of how pkg-config, and configure, work.
>I will not bother correcting bullshit claims about pkg-config, or replying
>to unfounded claims anymore.
>Specifically, this is unacceptable:
>- make outragously wrong claims about how pkg-config works when a simple
>  experiment could prove yourself wrong. you have no business arguing
>  if you don't understand what you are arguing about.
>- repeating a claim without any evidence. saying it often enough doesn't
>  make it more valid or true.
>- saying "it's obvious" is not evidence. most likely it just means
>  you haven't thought about the issue yourself.
>And when I say "please", I really mean "do it, or else".


I respect your decisions with libev. However, I ask you to consider
that others on this list of different motivations as users of libev than
you do as a developer of it.

I have stated that it will ease my use of libev to have a pkg-config file
distributed with it. That should be enough to consider its inclusion.
Several have done so. To refuse to do so is your right, but it places this
project clearly into Cathedral status.

Dan White

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