do not discuss pkg-config unless...

Marc Lehmann schmorp at
Sat Mar 9 11:55:12 CET 2013

Given the sad state of affirs w.r.t. the pkg-config discussions, please
refrain from discussing this topic unless:

- you really have an argument that hasn't been refuted yet.
- you really show evidence, or an explanation, on why your argument is true.
- if you think a previously refuted argument isn't really refuted, you
  need to explain why.
- you have some basic understanding of how pkg-config, and configure, work.

I will not bother correcting bullshit claims about pkg-config, or replying
to unfounded claims anymore.

Specifically, this is unacceptable:

- make outragously wrong claims about how pkg-config works when a simple
  experiment could prove yourself wrong. you have no business arguing
  if you don't understand what you are arguing about.
- repeating a claim without any evidence. saying it often enough doesn't
  make it more valid or true.
- saying "it's obvious" is not evidence. most likely it just means
  you haven't thought about the issue yourself.

And when I say "please", I really mean "do it, or else".

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