add pkg-config file support

Marc Lehmann schmorp at
Sat Mar 9 11:48:43 CET 2013

On Thu, Mar 07, 2013 at 10:14:44AM -0600, Dan White <dwhite at> wrote:
> >Well, since pkg-config would fail in your described scenario (libev
> >installed in a non-standard location means pkg-config will not find it
> >either...), I am not sure what this is an argument for.
> It would not fail,

Don't get silly, of course it would.

pkg-config needs to be told about nonstandard locations as much as any
other such mechanism. For good reasons, might I add.

> >Note that the above works fine even without pkg-config.
> Another way to look at this is as a granularity problem. You focus on
> libev, and the necessary steps to install it,

I am not focussing about installing libev here, obviously, I am talking
about using libev after it was installed.

If you were talking about installing libev, however, then I don't get it -
pkg-config does nothing whatsoever to help installing libev.

> But as an application developer, I have to be concerned about X libraries,
> and the pain that users may have to go through to get my application
> compiled.

Right, and since pkg-config at best increases the pain here, it's clearly
not in the interest of users to force this upon them now.

> Clearly pkg-config has advantages here. pkg-config files will get
> installed in standard locations

Neither is this true for the proposed patch nor is this standard practise
with pkg-config.

> regardless of where the library gets installed.

It's not what happens in reality.

It's tedious to have to correct you about the very basics of pkg-config,
so please educate yourself before wasting everybody's time on this list.

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