[Patch] add pkg-config file support

Luca Barbato lu_zero at gentoo.org
Sat Mar 9 05:50:31 CET 2013

On 07/03/13 05:41, Marc Lehmann wrote:
> If "you" are gentoo and you add patches like that, potentially breaking
> compatibility with other distributions and upstream, then you are simply
> doing it wrong.

Feel free to discuss about it here


> Note that fedora plans to remeove the pkg-config file because it doesn't
> really improve anything (and they have an ethical upstream policy).

You seem to picture Gentoo as some sort of evil entity. I just
checked why it had been patched in (importing Fedora patch mind you) and
it was because libverto requires it.

Would be nice if you provide a pkg-config since it makes the life of
those having to check for libraries much easier. At least for autotools
overriding the values is _MUCH_ simpler thanks to the pkg-config macros
providing FOO_CFLAGS and FOO_LIBS overrides, if you need to.

In order to get the same features I had to rely on non-standard
AX_CHECK_LIBRARY and luckily I'm not using alternative build systems.

So for the normal autotool situation you spare lines in your configure,
have a clear and clean way to override the library and headers paths
with the right granularity and if you have a decent cross environment
and a decent pkg-config your life gets quite simpler.

As author of softwares using libev I'd be much happier to have a
pkg-config file available.


PS: I'm not involved in maintaining the libev ebuild.

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