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Marc Lehmann schmorp at
Thu Mar 7 16:44:06 CET 2013

On Thu, Mar 07, 2013 at 08:55:59AM -0600, Dan White <dwhite at> wrote:
> software for their system. Those are the types of systems in which libev is
> more likely to be installed in non standard locations, and often is.

But pkg-config doesn't solve that problem, not without other incompatible
changes to libev. pkg-config only gives you cflags (and libs) in
isolation, which isn't enough to ensure that it links against the right
lib in the right way. For example, it cannot ensure that your chosen
non-standard libev doesn't conflict with the system libev, or that the
correct ABI is used. Configuring pkg-config for non-standard locations is
about as complicated as without it, and it doesn't add any extra valure on
top of that.

(It does track dependencies, but libev doesn't have any).

Besides, there is a well-known method that works just fine: specify
correct CFLAGS etc. in your environment, or tell configure in other
ways (there are many ways that a normal sysadmin must already know if
he is worth anything). No pkg-config is required for that, and unlike
pkg-config, this method can be used to ensure that it works for a lot more

> However, pkg-config offers a lower barrier to entry, for those of us
> developing software using libev

I don't see anything that would support that. Most people developing with
libev probably use the system libev, or install in /usr/local, or wherever
your OS puts locally installed software, and have no trouble configuring
their system to take advantage of their environment.

> for our users and early testers, who may even not even be familiar with
> our software yet, and are less likely to be familiar with libev.

These are claims only, without supporting evidence.

> Supporting:
> ./configure && make install
> Is my best argument for pkg-config.

Well, since pkg-config would fail in your described scenario (libev
installed in a non-standard location means pkg-config will not find it
either...), I am not sure what this is an argument for.

Note that the above works fine even without pkg-config.

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