add pkg-config file support

Dan White dwhite at
Thu Mar 7 15:55:59 CET 2013

On 03/07/13 06:52 +0100, Marc Lehmann wrote:
>On Thu, Mar 07, 2013 at 01:26:54PM +0800, "Dennis Lan (dlan)" <dennis.yxun at> wrote:
>>    It's quite obvious.
>>    With this patch, Any package depend on libev can use pkg-config to
>> detect/check.
>Why would a package that depends on libev wants to detect it, when it
>needs it anyway?

I also advocate for its inclusion. The primary benefit is not to the developer,
but to the system administrator installing the package, who is not as well
versed in the hundreds of library dependencies needed to install various
software for their system. Those are the types of systems in which libev is
more likely to be installed in non standard locations, and often is.

Those who deal with libev often (and compile software that uses it
themselves) don't really need pkg-config support, and that probably
includes package maintainers who have experience with the software they are
dealing with.

However, pkg-config offers a lower barrier to entry, for those of us
developing software using libev, for our users and early testers, who may
even not even be familiar with our software yet, and are less likely to be
familiar with libev.


./configure && make install

Is my best argument for pkg-config.

Dan White

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