[Patch] add pkg-config file support

Marc Lehmann schmorp at schmorp.de
Thu Mar 7 06:59:57 CET 2013

On Thu, Mar 07, 2013 at 01:48:41PM +0800, "Dennis Lan (dlan)" <dennis.yxun at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Note that fedora plans to rmeove the pkg-config file because it doesn't
> > really improve anything (and they have an ethical upstream policy).
> >
> also where do you get this info?

From the new libev package maintainer who has to deal with the situation.

> I checked libverto (which rely on libev), they still use pkg-config ..

That makes libverto a fedora-only library, requiring a special
fedora-patched libev to compile, and its not trivial to undo this.

I can't say why they did that - probably they did that just because they
assumed the fedora-packaged libev version would be the original upstream

Now if that isn't the perfect argument on why including this patch in gentoo
is just wrong...

> yes, you may say that's the problem of libverto.. but you know you can help
> here ;-)

Yes, I can help here, by keeping it out of libev until there is a
demonstrated usefulness to it.

I wish there *was* a mechanism that was able to automatically give the
correct cflags and libs, but pkg-config does nothing of the sort - it just
gives you cflags and libs that are most likely not necessary, and quite
often wrong.

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