libeio: discrepancy between the manual and the code

Konstantin Osipov kostja at
Thu Jan 31 15:10:33 CET 2013

* Marc Lehmann <schmorp at> [13/01/31 18:00]:

> Sorry, but this is obviously not true. While it actually started that way,
> and my reply was to fix the discrepancy you pointed out (and tell you so),

As of today, the discrepancy is still not fixed.

The manual here:

is still saying:

Even if cancelled, the finish callback will still be invoked
--end quote

eio.c is not
changed either:

#ifndef EIO_FINISH
# define EIO_FINISH(req)  ((req)->finish) && !EIO_CANCELLED (req) ? (req)->finish (req) : 0

Link "File releases" at
pointing at is dead. 

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