several questions about libev

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Sun Jul 1 06:12:41 CEST 2012

hello everyone,
1.*about ev_async. *I use only one ev_async as the signal. when something
happens, call ev_async_send(loop, &watcher). before the ev_async_send, I
add one ev_async_pending(&watcher) to see the status of the watcher.
ev_async_pending returns a non-zero value, which means "the event has not
yet been processed (or even noted) by the event loop" . I'm afraid there's
something missing. is it a solution to fix it?
2.*about shared ev_loop*. last time we were talking about the ev_run and
ev_break in different thread need some mutex because the shared ev_loop.
how about the ev_TYPE_stop, ev_TYPE_start? If I should add a mutex for them?
3. *about watchers in the ev_loop*. It seems that I should call
ev_TYPE_stop to stop every watchers before ev_break or ev_loop_destroy. Is
there a API to get all the watchers?
4. *about exit ev_loop immediately*. How to use the setjmp or longjmp to
exit ev_loop immediately?
Thank you all.
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