Correctly pass watcher to another loop

Vladimir Afinello at
Sun Jun 24 15:14:41 CEST 2012

> > Should I wake the current thread loop to perform stop() on the other
> > watchers in a group?
> I am not sure what that means, but again, if the watchers are stopped,
> then the loop will no longer access them.
I mean, when I receive some data from one client in it's watcher receive
callback - I need to pass this watcher and 5 other watchers from this
thread/loop to another.
And I perform stop() on all of them being in that receive callback
function. So, does these 5+1 stop()'s affect the thread loop immediatelly?
If not - I have no idea why these watchers remain active when I start them
in another thread.

Best regards, Vladimir
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