glibc 2.9

jamal hadi at
Thu Jun 21 23:53:21 CEST 2012

On Wed, 2012-06-20 at 14:40 +0200, Marc Lehmann wrote:

> I would be interested to learn under which conditions the availibility of
> epoll_create1 and/or EPOLL_CLOEXEC is an actually measurable optimisation,
> as opposed to being a correctness issue.

I dont have any numbers.
More that you pass the close on exec flag in libev with epoll_create1
which i find useful.
With epoll_create(256) (where 256 used to mean num of descriptors) it
essentially sys_epoll_create1(0) with kernels from the last 1-2 years
which is missing the close on exec.

If that doesnt matter, why dont i just undefine EPOLL_CLOEXEC.


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